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The official radio program of the D.C. Public Library.
Hear author talks, interviews, special presentations, stories about the goings-on in the library system and Washington, D.C., and much more!

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    All Things Local: Second Chances

    At age 15 Marcus Bullock was sentenced to 8 years in a maximum security prison. Today he is the CEO of Flikshop, a company he founded that helps keep families connected to their loved ones while they are incarcerated. Marcus sits down with host Olubunmi Bakare to discuss what led to his incarceration and his drive to become an entreprenuer.

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    All Things Local: The Inspiration of Life

    Author, actor, songwriter and motivational speaker Hermond Palmer joins host, Olubunmi Bakare, to discuss his life and shares insights about how to live your best life.

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    Notes from the Library: Health & Human Services

    Jean Badalamenti, Health & Human Services Coordinator, and the Peer Outreach Specialists join us to talk about about the library's role in assisting DC's most vulnerable and at-risk residents.

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    Notes From the Library: Read Your Way Up

    Librarians Bobbie Dougherty and Maggie Gilmore will talk about the Read Your Way Up Bike Tour, which was part of last month's DC History Conference. They’ll share the history and evolution of the DC Public Library’s community storefront libraries, portabranches and kiosks of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Joining them on the show is Tim Wright a library patron who joined them on the ride. Wright is the owner of Attucks Adams, a DC tour company that explores both national and local DC.

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    All Things Creative: Art and Libraries

    An informal chat about what artists can do in libraries and what libraries can do with artists, and what our work teaches us about caring for the city we live in. Featuring Nando Álvarez, member of the local collective The Sanctuaries and Don Russell, Curator, George Mason University Galleries and Director of Provisions Library for Art and Social Change.

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    All Things Local: Blight Records, and Luna Honey

    Blight Records is a local music label, which just released a cassette compilation, "Blight Makes Right," featuring a diverse roster of musicians, both locally and nationally. In the studio we will play live recordings of one of Blight's most recent releases, Luna Honey's "Peace Will Grind you Down." Luna Honey band members discuss their lives as musicians living and performing in DC.

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