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The official radio program of the D.C. Public Library.
Hear author talks, interviews, special presentations, stories about the goings-on in the library system and Washington, D.C., and much more!

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    Get Lit: Women of Color Book Club

    Gabi and Mahdvi, co-founders of the local Women of Color Book Club, talk about the inspiration for creating an intentional space for women of color in DC. They discuss the importance of supporting women of color authors in this current political climate, and dive into Thrity Umrigar’s The Secrets Between Us, their August book selection.

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    DCPL Presents: Poetry for Social Justice

    Winners from a poetry slam held earlier in the month at Busboys & Poets will read original poetry written about inequality, civil rights and more. This project is part of a collaboration between the DC Public Library, the Maryland Institute College of Arts and the Poor People's Campaign. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement and we, collaboratively, are still working on these issues.

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    DC Public Library Presents: Talking about Parks, Punk, and Go-Go

    Noel Lopez, cultural anthropologist for the National Parks Service, shares with DC Public Library some of the history he has come across around the Summer in the Parks series of outdoor concerts beginning 50 years ago in 1968. Amanda Mackaye, organizer of the Fort Reno concert series, will share with us what it's like to reach the 50th anniversary of this series, and how Fort Reno ties into the broader stories of cultural programming in DC's public spaces.

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    All Things Local: Hailu Mergia

    Hailu Mergia was a famous recording and performing musician in Ethiopia in the 1960s and 1970s. He moved to the DC-area in the 1980s and became a cab driver. Today, Mergia lives in Fort Washington, MD, still drives a cab (the Dulles route), and records and releases traditional and original music. We discuss his life then and now, and play selections form his recordings, past and present.

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    Notes from the Library: Maurice Jackson

    We speak in-studio with Maurice Jackson, Associate Professor of African American Studies at Georgetown University, who recently served as co-editor (with Blair Ruble) and contributor to DC Jazz: Stories of Jazz Music in Washington, DC. Lauren Sinclair, a call-in guest, and faculty member at American University in the School of Professional and Extended Studies, provides her insights serving as one of the contributors to the collection.

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    Cherryl Neil Humphreys

    Are you ready to learn about the ancient study of numbers, why it works and how it can help you better understand who you really are and why you are here? Our guest today , Cheryl Neil Humphreys, will take us through a journey as we explore the numbers 1to 9, master numbers, and the 4 main numbers you need to know about you.

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    All Things Local: Swoll

    Matt Dowling and Ben Schurr have played in several noteable DC bands including Deleted Scenes, Paperhaus, and Br'er, and released their first album in March, as Swoll. Matt and Ben share details of the recording process, their collaboration, and we listen to a few live tracks, too.

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