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The official radio program of the D.C. Public Library.
Hear author talks, interviews, special presentations, stories about the goings-on in the library system and Washington, D.C., and much more!

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    All Things Creative: Art and Libraries

    An informal chat about what artists can do in libraries and what libraries can do with artists, and what our work teaches us about caring for the city we live in. Featuring Nando Álvarez, member of the local collective The Sanctuaries and Don Russell, Curator, George Mason University Galleries and Director of Provisions Library for Art and Social Change.

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    All Things Local: Blight Records, and Luna Honey

    Blight Records is a local music label, which just released a cassette compilation, "Blight Makes Right," featuring a diverse roster of musicians, both locally and nationally. In the studio we will play live recordings of one of Blight's most recent releases, Luna Honey's "Peace Will Grind you Down." Luna Honey band members discuss their lives as musicians living and performing in DC.

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    All Things Local: Rogelio Maxwell

    Washington DC visual and performance artist, musician, and once-upon-a-time HardArt Gallery owner, Rogelio Maxwell discusses his life, and his relationship to the DC arts, from the mid-1970s to today.

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    DCPL Presents: CryptoParty

    A CryptoParty is a free, public gathering to learn different approaches to privacy and security for your computers, mobile devices, social media, and other digital platforms. Listen to learn why digital prvacy & security matters, and learn some strategies for staying safe online.

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    Talking about the upcoming exhibition and performance series, RETROperSPECTIVE - a collaboration between DC Public Library and Rhizome DC. We'll also discuss the process of archiving and digitizing the DC Punk Archive Zine Collection

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    Notes from the Library: Aja Clark and David Quick

    Straight from the main DCPL offices at K street, Aja Clark and David Quick will talk all things library including a Summer Challenge wrap-up, what books we're reading, and the library's best money-saving options.

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