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The official radio program of the D.C. Public Library.
Hear author talks, interviews, special presentations, stories about the goings-on in the library system and Washington, D.C., and much more!

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Sustainably Social: In Conversation With Carolyn Becker of Goodwill Greater Washington and DC Vegan Life

    On today’s episode of “DCPL Presents” we are joined by Carolyn Becker, who is the Digital Communications Manager of Goodwill Greater Washington by day, the instagrammer behind the popular “DC Vegan Life” account, and a girl about town, moving and shaking in the DC arts, culinary, and sustainable living scenes. Today we’ll be talking about what’s going on in her world of DC thrifting, sustainable living, and vegan eats; how she’s using her social media prowess to create community; and her tips on how you can do the same.

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    Into the Library-Verse: Julia and Tracy

    You are now entering the Library-verse. Today we meet Julia and Tracy and learn more about the personalities behind the roles at DCPL.

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    All Things Local: The Taboo of Mental Illness

    Lark Cato was born in Taiwan to Taiwanese parents but was shortly thereafter adopted by an African American mother. Growing up Lark knew her mother was eccentric but only later in life did she learn the reason why. Lark joins host Olubunmi Bakare to discuss her struggle to deal with the care of her aging mother and her mothers recent diagnosis.

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    Washington Performing Arts presents music with Wavelength Winds and literature with Lupita Reads at DC Public Library!

    Washington Performing Arts will present two programs this month in partnership with the DC Public Library. The first is a takeover of DC Public Library's monthly Chamber Music at Noon concert, happening this Thursday April 4th and featuring our guests on today's show, Wavelength Winds. The second is a book discussion with Lupita Reads, part of a three part series examinging Latinx and immigrant voices in literature, at the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Library on April 30th. On air today, we'll talk with Lupita about the book selections and the connectiong this book discussion has with Washington Performing Arts.

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    Into the Library-verse: Meet Amy and B

    You are now entering the Library-verse. Today we meet Amy and B and learn more about the personalities behind the roles at DCPL.

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